The Station

The Shack
The shack was built by me in 2008. It is 3.66m x 2.44m and fully insulated. It's located about 150m from the QTH (so my XYL has to walk, hi hi). Everything in the shack runs off a solar power system. 

The Rig

since August 2012 the Yaesu FT 2000D is my prefered piece of equipment.

I'm using a Heil Proset Plus as microphone. Seems to work pretty good. (

The Backup Rig
is a Yaesu FT 897D. I really like it. The only down part is the "Mickey Mouse" display. Using the HAM RADIO DELUX program on my computer solved this problem.  More information

The Amplifier

The linear is Acom 1010. It's set on 600W output due to the limited power of my solar system.

It does 800W with no problem.  More Information

The Antennas

#1 and my absolute favourite is the T10 a 10 element log periodic. Covers 20m up to 10m and sits on 21m . More information

#2 is 160m skywire (square loop) multiband antenna 12m high.  Designed according to the ARRL Antenna Book and thanks Randy.

#3 is a Optibeam OB 2-40 2 element Yagi for 40m.  More information

#4 is a Optibeam OB 6-6 6 element Yagi for 6m about 4m below the T10